The old cliche “where there is smoke, there is fire” resonates when I think of our current political state and White House problems. It tells you there is a fire somewhere in the situation, even though you may not be able to see it. I, for one, can smell the smoke. That’s how strong it has become. 

Born in the United States of America and raised in New York City, I deeply love this country. As a child growing up in the 70s, I know what it’s like to live here. 

Even in the projects, you were safe if you forgot to lock your door at night. But all of that changed in the 80s. In the late 70s, crack cocaine hit the scene; like a brushfire, it spread and changed the dynamics and the feeling of safety we had. 

Crack cocaine emerged as a giant fire, burning down marriages, families, and, yes, homes. A similar fire is emerging in our political forum and the White House. 

Wake Up America 

We cannot sleep on this one! Now is no time to sit, watch, and do nothing to change or correct the situation. We did not see the epidemic and the disaster that crack cocaine was going to create because it hit so fast. But now the Obama, Trump, and Biden ordeals have tipped us off to what this country is capable of and what other foreign governments are planning to do to us if we fall asleep at the wheel. 

Our current problems are not only the White House’s fight, it’s America’s fight! This political presidential race has divided people like never before. Many New Yorkers like President Donald Trump. 

He’s a businessman who has suffered significant losses a few times but knows how to return. I know he could help this country. However, President Trump’s innate ability to help this country get on a better footing is an opinion that The Trump haters do not share. 

It has reached the point where if you talk to someone in the grocery store, you have to be careful not to say that you want Trump for President because people will completely cut you off and walk away.  

As determined as some of us are to fight and protest against one man, we should redirect that fire and determination into something positive for our country. The mess we are in didn’t start when Trump took office; it has been brewing and burning higher and higher throughout the years. 

No Prayer- Public Schools

Prayer, removed from the school curriculum, has become a source of weakness in the United States. We proudly display “In God We Trust” on our money, but do we trust God?

We proudly say One nation under God… But we ripped out the element of prayer, which is the very thing that God created for us to do. Prayer is a form of protection for us, and we took that away because we lack the belief and trust in God and the intimacy we should have with him. 

When you eradicated prayer from the public school system, you did away with our resource solution, one that connects directly to Heaven, a gate or doorway we could not afford to lose. A communication system that God Himself mandated. We made a critical mistake, but there is still time to rectify it. 

Prayer is a spiritual tool and weapon that answers our problems. Something that people who don’t have an intimate relationship with God do not understand. They overlook the most potent gift and solution to everything God has given us. 

Yet, they often ask the question, why does God allow these things to happen? I don’t think they are looking for an answer to that question because they’ve already formulated an opinion about God that he is out of reach. 

Hence, this country is on fire right now: we lack the relationship with God necessary to know what we must do at every turn of events. You can only have a relationship with the Lord if there is prayer life. Jesus Himself prayed to the Father.  

Read God’s word; how the Jews were safe when Israel communicated and followed God’s lead verbatim. God didn’t let their enemies overtake them. Most people view prayer as a personal choice, but prayer is not; it is mandatory! Jesus said, “When you pray,” he even gave you a formula (Matthew 6:9-13). 

The Wrong Choice

The personal choice mindset to pray came about by well-intentioned men and women, and their human intelligence and deductive reasoning came to their conclusion. They decided we shouldn’t force prayer upon our children. Yet, they are very comfortable with passing laws to allow people to choose their gender, which, in my opinion, is chaotic. They were wrong then about prayer, and they are wrong now about gender choice.

Our gender was predetermined for us by God when he created us, and we are either female or male. To say otherwise would be to say that God made a mistake. God makes NO mistakes! It doesn’t mean he made a mistake, even if you don’t understand his ways or know his plans and purposes. This is why we must seek God and structure our life around a relationship with him, especially for those dealing with identity issues, so that he can lead them through the understanding that he loves them, no matter what.

I’ve never met a person who didn’t believe that God loved them. Some responded positively because they wanted to appear politically correct while acknowledging that he was their Creator. But it’s not enough to believe that God exists; demons believe that, as the Bible says. God is looking for more than someone, knowing that he exists. Our Creator is looking for a Relationship, a Friendship, and a Daughter or Son. He wants to be everything to you because you are everything to him. 

A Witch Doctor Dancing on the United States Symbol

I was sleeping one night, and in my dream, I saw The United States symbol in the White House, and there was a witch doctor whose back was to me, dancing some tribal dance over the emblem on top of it. I woke up immediately, called my friend the next day, and said the chickens had come home to roost. Today, we see foreign powers coming against the United States in the most famous house in our country, Washington, DC.  

It is chaotic to worry about whether Trump may win and if he may get a second chance to sit in office. We are facing much more serious problems now. We all need to pray now, not just one prayer but daily, and we need to ask God what His will is for the man or woman He wants in the White House. Who is it? Please put the person you wish to in there because God makes no mistakes. 

The fight in this country can only be won by us going to God corporately. We don’t have to unite in the city, but we can all do it from our homes and churches. Ask God to forgive us for our sins, neglect in our relationship with Him, and neglect in prayer. We can ask Him to help us restore prayer in the school by having the children pray daily for the US.  

Fight fire with fire. 

Earlier in this article, I said that this country is on fire. You can agree with some of the claims about what we’re going through as a country. It’s not only Russia that has an attitude against us. But other countries would like nothing more than to create irreparable damage and havoc for us! We need protection from the One that we say we put our trust in. 

The dollar bill says we trust God. We must ask God to bring order into the house, starting with the WH and our homes. And it all will begin with prayer. You cannot go to God unless you are willing to talk to him and ask for his assistance. There is a way to do that, but we must do it as a nation. 

We cannot lean on our way because everybody has a different opinion on how things should run, and that’s why God should be our moderator and leader so that we can get his plans for this country. 

We are a superpower only because of God in the first place, and to remain that way and stay protected from countries like Russia, China, Iran, and Iraq, we need to turn our hearts and dilemmas over to him. Fight fire with fire; I am not talking about the kind that a firefighter puts out. These are the kinds that you need a different type of fire, one greater, to snuff it out. The Bible says that God is a consuming fire. He will eradicate our problems. This country belongs to the Lord. 

The scripture: The battle is not yours; it’s the Lord’s (2 Chronicles 20:15). When we battle with anything, it stays at the forefront of our minds. Our enemies want nothing more than for us to be afraid of every move we make. Satan wants us to feel weak and vulnerable, but our God is the real God, and He is Sovereign, and when we communicate and trust what the Lord is telling us, we are strong. 

So, how can you help? 

If you want America to be great again, there’s only one way that will happen: through all of us praying for our country and our leaders. You may be wondering how to do that. Well, here are the steps that we all need to take collectively together daily:

  1. Call out to God.
  2. Repent for your sins. 
  3. Pray for the sins of America.
  4. Ask God to forgive you and to wash you from all the unrighteousness.
  5. Pray daily for those in leadership (ex., The President of the United States, Congress, the Senate, etc.)
  6. Have faith that God will help the United States of America and restore us. Expect the unexpected!
  7. And most of all, follow the lead of the Holy Spirit!