The politics of abortion is spiraling out of control. It’s an age-old argument involving human consensus, legality, religion, etc. To me, it is as though people are always looking for something to debate or fight about because the only person whose point of view on abortion should matter is God.

I’m not without compassion, and I know that there are a lot of extenuating circumstances as to why women seek out abortion. When God created the world, simultaneously, he formulated a plan for that person’s life. He designed a blueprint of that person, every milestone they would have in their life.

He didn’t ask for their parent’s opinion before he created them, and as quiet as it is, he doesn’t need it now. One of my favorite scriptures is, “The secret things belong to God, but the things revealed belong to us!” There’s no judgment here; we are incapable of judging anyone. My role as a believer, teacher, and daughter of Zion is to teach God’s word, purpose, and plans.

Every day, women visit fertility clinics, spending their hard-earned money and life savings thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant by their husbands with no success. There are women whom the Bible refers to as “barren” who cannot get pregnant without the LORD intervening. 

A child is a gift and a miracle!

It would be nothing short of a miracle if they had the opportunity to get pregnant naturally. With that said, they’re all types of situations out there, and conditions under which women become pregnant, and not all are favorable such as rape, incest, Prostitution, and more.  

We should all show compassion when people experience these circumstances and a child conceived out of these situations. We question why things like this happen. Sometimes, there are reasons; other times, it seems there is no reason. Except for the fact there is pure evil in the world.

Yet, as compassionate, understanding, and sympathetic as we are with people confronted with unwed pregnancies, God is and should be the only one who has the final say as to whether an embryo lives or not.

No one can mimic the fertilization of an ovary other than God. The process of fertilizing an egg into an embryo emerging and growing in the womb is phenomenal.

All of the processes occur because God put his hand on it. He did not hand that over to humans to debate and make decisions to fertilize an egg by going into a laboratory and mimicking his steps. Let’s be clear: if a woman gets pregnant and has a child, it is only by the hand of God.

It is God who allows that egg to become fertilized. Many times, they discover that women have a certain number of eggs. Still, they all not fertilized, which makes the point that the doctor had the power to fertilize an egg, a woman as they would be doing it and they would do it, and there would not be any woman out there who wants a child yet not able to have one. Sometimes, women become pregnant, and for whatever reason, they miscarry through no fault of their own. As I said earlier, only the master knows why this happens and why some pregnancies end. Physicians can only hypothesize at what stage the pregnancy

The social problem. A young pregnant woman unhappy with the test that he wants to have an abortion

There was a time when abortion was not allowed in our country, and rightly so, but as time went on, people began to change their belief factors. They started saying that it’s a woman’s body and her right to decide what to do with it. I understand that train of thought from a human perspective, but God does not share that sentiment.

God has got plans for that child!

In the Bible, there is nowhere that a woman was ever allowed to have an abortion. God is the giver of life and should be the only one who takes it. We do not have the right to decide to destroy the life force of an embryo. Every child born in this world has a plan created by God for their life. You do not know who that child is and what their contribution to the world will be. Nor do you see the plan that God has for them, so you should not have the right to take the life of that person.

If it fits God’s purpose to let you become pregnant, then you have options, but one of them is not to abort the child. You can carry the child and give it up for adoption if you are not able to take care of nor do you want to raise the child.

Give it to the people who would love to have a child alone. There are various reasons why parents give their children up; Moses, his mother, put baby Moses into a capsule and put him in the water, believing that God would watch over him, and he did. Pharaoh’s daughter heard the baby crying and ordered her maiden to fetch the child, and she took him into her home to raise him as her son. That was God’s plan. He had one.  

The brief period when you are contemplating having an abortion may not be the time that God is going to reveal his plan. The Lord keeps his own time. Wait on the Lord, and you know what to do.   If you read that story, you will see that it has an excellent ending, and Moses and his mother reconnect again.  

Ladies, your body doesn’t truly belong to you. You didn’t create it. It is on loan to you for your life here on this earth. You didn’t have a choice on what color, nationality, ethnicity, gender, or who your family and parents would be when you were born. Your body is God’s design. It’s his creation, and he made it for his good pleasure according to his word; he’s in love with you, although too many of you don’t know that.

Abortion is not God’s law. It’s man’s law. The Bible says that man left to his own devices, will destroy himself. When you abort a child, you are committing murder. There’s no other way around it, and again, I understand that horrific situations happen, but that’s when we have to lean on the wisdom of God.   When you find out you are pregnant, it is the time you use your faith and put your trust in God, though it may be small. It is when we have to go to him, take the entire situation to him, let him lead us, and take care of whatever needs to happen next.

 Don’t take it into your own hands, please. Often, when women make decisions in a child’s life, it’s due to a temporary situation because they don’t have the full knowledge of coming down the road and making a grievous error. There are unfavorable, and sometimes lifelong repercussions of having an abortion they are both spiritual and sometimes physical.

Abortion is a fight unto death! 

Abortion laws will be a continuous fight that goes on throughout our nation because people have strong opinions on each side of the fence. Either way, they are the opinions of people who have never designed a human being and are incapable of giving life to one.

Your Creator is the same One who formed that child in your womb.   This information is not to put you on a guilt trip. Please do not look upon this article as that. I am telling you the God-honest truth; if you sit down and think about it, you would have to agree that if God didn’t want a child to live, he would take his life.

The Most High knows how to receive a child created by him back to himself; he does not need you to be the instrument that terminates the life of a child. He would never lay that upon us to do. He is a good God!

A Woman’s Womb

If you’re the one who’s facing the possibility of having an abortion, please don’t make a rash decision; instead, spend some alone time with God and talk to him from your heart. Tell him your fears, what happened, and why you don’t want this child. And don’t let it just be one small conversation. Keep talking until you run yourself clear, but whatever you do, do not let people pressure you into doing something that will have grave repercussions for you.

A woman’s womb Is supposed to be a garden of life, please don’t make it a temporary casket.

Remember, if God did not want you to have a child he would not have caused the birth to happen, though it may look like a mistake to you.   And if you get pregnant and you still don’t want the child after it is born, there are agencies who you can turn to give your child up for adoption, and they will place the child with people who want to raise a child.

I know that some of you will take this all out of context and reply with comments that are not nice. You are entitled to your opinion; I won’t argue the point God already made in his word. I will not respond to these types of comments. So much has been said about this situation already, where people are unmovable and feel self-entitlement to do whatever they want with their bodies. But those are the same people who are lopsided in their thinking.

I say that because the same person who says that a woman’s body is her own and is she’s entitled to have an abortion if she wants to would not say the same if that same woman went and had sex with their husband, although it is essentially the same thing. This woman decided to go and have sex with another woman’s husband because she felt that this was her body, and if she wanted to share it with this man and he wanted to share his as consenting adults, they both had the right to do that.

Of course, I’m sure you, his wife, would not share that sentiment.

Well, it is the same thing. It is the woman’s womb the baby is in. That baby now has life, and the woman carrying it does not and should not have the right to take it.